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Religious Jewelry by FDJ

Dazzling Sterling Silver Star of David with Jerusalem Cross Charm Pendant

Dazzling Sterling Silver Star of David with Jerusalem Cross Charm Pendant

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This sterling silver pendant features the Star of David combined with the Jerusalem Cross. A statement showing a traditional rendition of the Magen David Jewish symbol and the heraldic cross or Christian symbol consisting of a large cross potent surrounded by four smaller Greek crosses, one in each quadrant. Individually hand polished to a lasting high sheen polish finish. This pendant is both of unsurpassed quality and impressive design.
  • A rendition of the famed symbol of Jewish culture, the Star of David with the Jerusalem Cross. The simplicity allows stylish and trendy design with its detailed look! Adore with this wonderful piece of fine jewelry and combine this glossy piece with your own unique style to your everyday fashion. An excellent addition for your jewelry collection.
  • This beautiful star cross pendant is the perfect adornment to embellish that favorite necklace, anklet, or bracelet of yours. Faithfully handcrafted with authentic 925 sterling silver, this lovely piece glistens in a glossy finish and stylish fashion.
  • ✅comes with free special gift packaging perfect for Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines day, or any occasions for husband, wife, father, mother, sibling, friend, etc. or for one's self.
  • ✅made in the USA yet offered at factory direct jewelry price
  • ✅ships from the manufacturer directly to the customers
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