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Elegant Sterling Silver CZ-Accented Egyptian Ankh Cross Pendant Necklace

Elegant Sterling Silver CZ-Accented Egyptian Ankh Cross Pendant Necklace

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This fine sterling silver pendant necklace features a 26 CZ-accented gemstones of a sacred Ankh cross, the actual Hieroglyphic sign, was a symbol of life for the ancient Egyptians. Also known as the key of life, the key of the Nile, or crux ansata (Latin for "cross with a handle"), the Ankh is a popular motif in Egyptian art. However, in modern day, the Ankh is usually taken for a Christian cross. Individually hand polished to a lasting high sheen polish finish. This pendant is both of unsurpassed quality and impressive design.Stone Sizes varies3 stones – 3mm1 stone – 2.5mm4 stones – 2mm14 stones – 1.5mm4 stones – 1.4mm
  • The Ankh Cross (Also known as the "Symbol of Eternal Life") represents, from a spiritual point, the key to all hidden knowledge and eternal soul (or life).
  • This Egyptian Ankh Cross pendant comes in a solid 925 sterling silver. The outer rims of the Ankh have a milgrain edge finished with a high polish. Comes with a total of 26 white Cubic Zirconia gemstones filled on the cross. This lovely piece glistens in stunning high polish finish and stylish fashion. An ancient eternal symbol with a mod-chic twist!
  • comes with free special gift packaging perfect for Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines day, or any occasions for wife, mother, fiancee, girlfriend, sibling, friend, etc. or for one's self.
  • made in the USA yet offered at factory direct jewelry price
  • ships from the manufacturer directly to the customers
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